Seattle Architecture Showdown – Round 1

There can be only one!

What is Seattle’s best Architectural work? Is it Steven Holl’s St. Ignatius Chapel? Or perhaps it’s the Smith Tower, or maybe it’s the well known Space Needle?

We’ve come to the conclusion that there is really only one way to solve this; a head to head battle royale, 84 buildings enter and only one leaves. In the next few weeks we will conduct tournament with the end goal of settling upon the best building in Seattle. We’ve selected and seeded 84 buildings as suggested by the design community; buildings were given a rank based upon the frequency it was suggested, it’s placement on other “Best of” lists and a mysterious algorithm meant to instigate a bit of controversy.

The entire bracket can be viewed here:

How, exactly, do buildings fight?
We’re glad you asked, we are asking Seattle’s design community to cast votes based solely upon individual matchups. Our voters will be asked to weigh each building on its own merits. At the end of each week we will tally up the votes then report the play-by-play and results right here.

Schedule: Updated!
Voting periods will compress as we move deeper into the tournament.

Voting has concluded.
View each round here:
Round 2
Round 3
Sweet Sixteen
Elite Eight
Final Four

How do I find these Buildings?
We’ve made a handy map to help locate all 84 contenders.

View Building Battle Royale in a larger map

Region Breakdown

East Region:

Seattle Municipal Tower vs Bank of America Denny Way

  • Seattle Municipal Tower (55%)
  • Bank of America - Denny Way (45%)

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Qwest Building vs Dexter Horton Building

  • Dexter Horton Building (84%)
  • Qwest Building (16%)

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Gates Foundation Parking vs Louis Dreyfus Grain Elevators

  • Gates Foundation Parking (69%)
  • Louis Dreyfus Grain Elevators (31%)

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Mosler Lofts vs St. Spiridon Russian Orthodox Church

  • St. Spiridon Russian Orthodox Church (64%)
  • Mosler Lofts (36%)

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Gas Works Park vs Lake City Library

  • Gas Works Park (84%)
  • Lake City Library (16%)

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South Region:

Dick's Capitol Hill vs. Bank of California Building

  • Dick's Capitol Hill (70%)
  • Bank of California Building (30%)

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The Hat & Boots vs Franklin High School

  • Franklin High School (55%)
  • The Hat & Boots (45%)

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Chamber of Commerce vs The Loveless Building

  • The Loveless Building (82%)
  • Chamber of Commerce Building (18%)

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Garfield High School vs Fire Station 41

  • Garfield High School (50%)
  • Fire Station 41 (50%)

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James Turrell Skyspace vs West Point Lighthouse

  • West Point Lighthouse (55%)
  • James Turrell Skyspace (45%)

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West Region:

Magnuson Park Comfort Station vs St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church

  • Magnuson Park Comfort Station (63%)
  • St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Chuch (37%)

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US Federal Courthouse vs Ivar's Original Salmon House

  • US Federal Courthouse (51%)
  • Ivar's Original Salmon House (49%)

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Seattle Asian Art Museum vs Museum of Flight

  • Asian Art Museum (83%)
  • Museum of Flight (17%)

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Fire Station 10 vs Epiphany Parish Episcopal

  • Fire Station 10 (66%)
  • Epiphany Parish Episcopal (34%)

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Chase Center vs Rainier Brewery

  • Rainier Brewery (83%)
  • Chase Center (17%)

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North Region:

Lake Union Steam Plant vs Lake City Clinic

  • Lake Union Steam Plant (79%)
  • Lake City Clinic (21%)

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Seattle City Hall vs Bon Marche Parking

  • Seattle City Hall (82%)
  • Bon Marche Parking (18%)

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Volunteer Park Conservatory vs Intiman Courtyard

  • Volunteer Park Conservatory (79%)
  • Intiman Courtyard (21%)

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Pioneer Building vs Fire Station 14

  • Pioneer Building (87%)
  • Fire Station 14 (13%)

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Arctic Club vs St. Edwards Church

  • Arctic Club (89%)
  • St. Edwards Church (11%)

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