Seattle Architecture Showdown Finale

"This is the end. My only friend, the end."

What is Seattle’s best building?
We are asking Seattle’s design community to cast votes based solely upon individual matchups. Our voters (that’s you!) will be asked to weigh each building on its own merits. At the end of each week we will tally up the votes then report the play-by-play and results right here.

Both the Space Needle and the Central Library have mown through their respective competition in the past several weeks, leaving Seattle’s best architectural works smoking in their wake.
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Our contenders:

Schedule: Updated!
Voting periods will compress as we move deeper into the tournament.
Week 1 (March 28 – 31):
Round 1 Games – Completed – See the Results here.
Round 2 Games (April 1st – 4) – Completed – See the Results here.
Round 3 Games (April 5 – 7) – Completed – See the Results here.
Sweet Sixteen: (April 8 – 10) – Completed – See the results here.

Elite Eight (April 11-13) – Completed – See the results here

Final Four (April 14-17)

Championship (April 19 – 27)

Map of All Contestants

Seattle Central Library (West Region Champion)

Built: 2004
Designed by: OMA and LMN

Space Needle (South Region Champion)

Built: 1961
Designed by: John Graham


Space Needle vs Seattle Central Library

  • Seattle Central Library (62%)
  • Space Needle (38%)

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