What is Sticklab?

An Introduction

Sticklab is a framework to explore ideas related to Architecture.

Our mission:

I’ve always been interested in fringe ideas related to architecture such as how seemingly utilitarian “ugly” things can play host to a whole realm of creative output. This site is a way for myself and others to work through some of those ideas, whether they be dangerous or simply new to us. This is a site that is as much for conjecture as it is for action, and hopefully, it will be a place where the two meet.

Current Research Topic (updated 7.2.2012)

Thanks to a generous grant from the Seattle AIA, I will be traveling the world this year to research tactical urbanism and most of the posts here will reflect that. I’ll also be assisting in a street festival for the 2012 Seattle Design Festival this fall, so look for posts around that topic as well. That street fest will act as an incubator for several spontaneous urban designs and I’ll be sharing more on that as it develops.

Design Work:
We’ve done several competitions over the years and we’ll be posting more on those in the future.

WOVEN – 2012
(Seattle Center Memorial Stadium Replacement)

Shopshack – 2008
(Merchandise Kiosk for Mt. Clemens Art Center)

TOGS – 2007
(Temporary Outdoor Gallery Space for the Austin Art Festival)

Fab.light – 2007
(Computer controlled light fixtures that could be designed simply by the end user)

Swarming Urbanism – 2006
(Space Elevators as Skyscrapers)

thanks for reading
Trevor Dykstra